Accompass CHRA PartnersOur company began in 1997 when a small group of like-minded professionals came together. From the beginning, we strived to take a more hands-on, personal, proactive approach to our clients and their businesses.

Every time a client had a question, we looked for ways to help. In 2002, we began advising on Investment & Retirement programs; in 2007, we launched our Executive and Broad-based Compensation practice. Today, we address the full range of strategic, financial, and regulatory issues surrounding our clients' programs.

Across Benefits & Health, Investment & Retirement, and Executive & Broad-based Compensation, we have sought out colleagues who exhibit a rare combination of very deep expertise and an instinctive talent for personal service. Sometimes, it takes eight or nine interviews to make sure they're just right.

Today, there are dozens of us, working fluidly across areas of expertise. We've grown with our clients, whose operations now span the globe. Many have been with us since the beginning.

Our team may not fit around one table anymore, but we are united in this commitment: to provide a level of service that will never be found anywhere else.

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